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How can I notify someone? and where can I see my notifications?2020-12-15T16:36:01+00:00

Just like in Social Media(like Facebook & Instagram), you can notify someone by tagging them in a deal discussion: 

  • As a Salesperson, you may want to notify the manager about a new deal/offer that you have started in your deal sheet.
  • In your Deal Sheet tab, in your new offer, you can tag a manager in a comment and the manager will be notified.
  • To tag a user, you just need to know their username (@manager/@salesperson “manager or Salesperson word to be replaced by their username such as @john”)

To see all your Notification:

  • You can see all your notification by clicking on the “Notification” button at the top menu
  • Whenever you get a notification, you will see a “Bell Notification” icon on the bottom right and on the top right beside of profile icon.

NOTE: Please refresh the page before clicking on the notification bell just in case there is any delay due to Internet Connection.

How can a Manager swap deal control?2020-12-15T16:23:28+00:00

Content will be added soon, please check later.

How do I add & edit reviews on Reviews tab?2020-12-18T18:04:50+00:00

Once you are logged in, you can add, edit or remove reviews:

If you want to give a review to a Salesperson:

  • Visit that Salesperson’s profile
  • Click on the Review button,
  • Scroll down and you will see the Review section
  • To add a new review, click on the Write a review button

  • Click on the star to give your rating, add a title for your review in the Enter subject placeholder, add your review in the Enter your review section and click on the Submit Review button.

  • Your review will be added to that Salesperson’s Review section. You can Edit or Remove only the review that was added by you.
  • You can Click on Report if you find someone added an inappropriate review and the review will be reviewed by the admin.

How do I add images to my Album tab?2020-12-10T21:26:47+00:00

Once you are logged in, this is where you can create albums and add pictures to them.

Steps to follow:

  • Click on the Albums button, the page will reload
  • Scroll down and now you can see all your previous Albums
  • To add a new album click on the New Album button

  • Add  the album title, album cover and click on the Add Photos button

  • From your local computer screen select the picture you want to add, then click the Open/ Select button and Click Add

  • Then your picture was added to the album, and you can click on the album name to view the pictures.

To add pictures to an already created album, follow this:

  • Click on the album

  •  Click on the icon on the right side of the Album section & click on Edit Album.

  • Click on the Add Photos button and select the picture to upload and then click the Update button

  • Now you can see that your picture is added to the album

How do I use my Chats tab?2020-12-15T16:13:09+00:00

Once you are logged in, you can see all your chats:

Steps to follow:

  • Click on the Chats button, the page will reload
  • Scroll down and you can see all your previous chats and any new chats

  • You can click on the name of the person in your chat list and send messages.
  • On the top right side of the chatbox, you can Download or Delete a conversation. You can also block a user from sending you messages anymore.
  • To save all your chats to your computer for your record, on the bottom left side of the chatbox, you can click the Download Chat History button.
  • To start a new chat with a Salesperson for the first time, visit the Salesperson’s profile and click on the Message button on the right side of that Salesperson’s profile.

  •  If you are not logged in, you will see the Login button in place of the Message button.

  • Once you have logged in, it will redirect you back to the Salesperson’s profile page and then you can click “Start a Live Chat” to start a chat.

How do I post content in my Post tab?2020-12-18T18:16:33+00:00

When you are logged into your account you will be able to add new posts to your profile:

Steps to follow:

  • Click on the My Posts button, the page will reload
  • Scroll down and now you can see the View posts & Add posts button
  • Click on the Add post button

  • The page will reload and you can scroll down to see the Add post section
  • Click on Add Photo > select your picture for the post > Click open. You can see the picture is added.

  • You can Add a Title & text content to your post.
  • You can also add a video by pasting the youtube video link in the content section of the post and it will automatically load the video on the post once the post is published.
  • At the bottom, you need to select Everyone and click on the Publish button.

  • Once your post is published you can Edit/Delete the post

How do I update my About tab?2020-12-15T16:16:03+00:00

When you log in to your account, you will be redirected to your profile page, where you can edit your profile:

Steps to follow:

  • Click on the icon on the right side of your profile
  • Click on Edit Profile, the page will reload
  • Scroll down and you can add/edit:
  • Biography – Add something about yourself
  • Welcome to my profile –  Add a link to your intro video hosted on YouTube(simply copy the video URL/link and paste it here)
  • Similarly, add any information you’d like in the given sections
  • Add links to your social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Lastly, click on the Update Profile button, the page will reload with the updated info.

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