As a Salesperson you can start a Deal Sheet as follows:

  • You can start a new Deal Sheet while you are on chat with the customer on your chat section.
  • Open the Deal Sheet in a new tab by right-clicking on the Deal Sheet button while you continue to chat with the customer on one tab

  • On the Deal Sheet tab, fill in the customer information and then click on the Submit my offer button

  • Refresh your page and you will the offer you submitted
  • You need to add the manager to that offer so that he can be notified and provide you with a quote
  • To tag a user you need to know their username and add it to the comment section by typing @username (replace ‘username’ with user’s username)

  • Once you have notified your manager, you both can have a discussion on this deal by replying to your 1st comment.
  • Remember the customer is still on the chat with you on the other side, you can still message them, and get more information while you are having a conversation with the manager on the other tab.
  • Once you get a quote, send a message to the client with the quoted price and you can come back to the customer tab and continue the discussion.