Just like in Social Media(like Facebook & Instagram), you can notify someone by tagging them in a deal discussion: 

  • As a Salesperson, you may want to notify the manager about a new deal/offer that you have started in your deal sheet.
  • In your Deal Sheet tab, in your new offer, you can tag a manager in a comment and the manager will be notified.
  • To tag a user, you just need to know their username (@manager/@salesperson “manager or Salesperson word to be replaced by their username such as @john”)

To see all your Notification:

  • You can see all your notification by clicking on the “Notification” button at the top menu
  • Whenever you get a notification, you will see a “Bell Notification” icon on the bottom right and on the top right beside of profile icon.

NOTE: Please refresh the page before clicking on the notification bell just in case there is any delay due to Internet Connection.