As a Salesperson you can grab a deal as follows:

  • To grab a deal, Salesperson A needs to be tagged by a Salesperson B in a deal and Salesperson A needs to confirm if he/she is available to grab the deal.
  • Click on the Deal Sheet button, scroll down to the deal that you want Salesperson A to grab
  • Salesperson B will tag Salesperson A in a comment of the deal with, for example, in the deal, Salesperson B writes @[SalespersonA] can you grab this deal

  • Salesperson A gets the notification (“Salesperson B has tagged you in a deal”)
  • Salesperson A will reply to your comment if he/she is able to grab the deal or not.

  • As a confirmation, Salesperson A will write Grab Deal in the comment and click on the Grab Deal button.

  • Now Salesperson B will get a notification (“Salesperson A has grabbed a deal” )
  • Since Sales Manager has been tagged in the deal from the beginning, he would know that the deal has been grabbed by Salesperson A from Salesperson B.
  • If Salesperson B, who originally started the deal, wants to stay updated on the deal and keep getting notifications from this deal, he/she will continue the conversation with the manager in this deal sheet.