Overcoming Challenges of the New Normal

  • Hiring Practices
  • Customer Response Times
  • Personnel Training
  • The New Time Management
  • Remote Business Process
  • Employee Satisfaction/Management
  • Online Customer Experience
  • Work/Life Balance
  • The Pace of Change

Why us?

Work Anywhere.
Office, Mobile & Remote

The Complete Toolkit
Simple & Scalable

Unlimited Representatives
Unlimited Conversations

Efficiency, Productivity Work/Life Balance

The Digital Sales Experience


First Impression

Customers buy from who they like. Be likeable.

Meet your Match

Not an up! Customers select their Rep.

Live Chat

Live Chat with your Salesperson.

Video Call

Your critical advantage. Improve your rapport.


Do business from anywhere.

Attract better Staff

Work/Life balance is more important than ever.

Finance Qualified

Know who you’re talking to.

Push Notifications

Timely responses. Customers won’t wait.

My Deal Portal

Your Remote “All-in” Toolkit.

Online “Social”ize

Build your relationships and client communication.

Time on Site

Double your customer’s time on your website.

Pages Visited

Triple your pages visited on your website.

Google My Business

Increase your site SEO with more pages indexed.

Select a Rep and
make a match

Choose Me!
First Impressions are Key!

My Sales Toolbox

Customer Chat Board

Customer Chat

The Fastest Test Drive

Appraise My Trade-in

Start My Deal Sheet

My Deal Portal

Track My Deals

MiVirtual Dealer

One Simple Remote Solution

1-Click Test Drive


Deal Sheet


Customer Promotions

Manage Team

Payment Gateway

Event Registration

The Automotive Industry is Shifting Online!

Read Here!


Clients want faster and better service. Is online going away or here to stay?


Covid forced your business online. Adapt or die!


Automotive searches online
have increased 60% in 2020.


A better, faster, “live chat”. Get a warmer lead from the start.

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